When is the best time of year to take a golf trip to Czech Republic?

Although weather patterns are changing all over the world, some of the best weather typically occurs during the Spring and early Summer (April, May and June) and again in the Fall (September & October). We would certainly recommend avoiding the peak season months of July and August when all of Europe is on vacation, golf courses are overcrowded and half the pleasure of playing golf is taken away. It’s usually not the best weather anyway. Not to be ignored are the so called, shoulder season periods, when many exceptional golf bargains are available…November and March are frequently, “good weather” months, with temperatures in the 10 - 12 C. There will be fewer daylight hours, but the golfing values make it all very worthwhile…ask us for details.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

We strongly recommend travel insurance protection for all our clients. As our travel programs to premium golf courses and hotels require advance bookings and prepayments, with the purchase of a Trip Cancellation/Interruption policy, you are covered for the amount purchased for non-refundable prepaid expenses for travel arrangements, in the event you are prevented from taking a trip for covered reasons. We cannot over-emphasize the importance of travel insurance and urge you to take it out at the time you place your deposit and have the added benefit of the automatic coverage of any pre-existing conditions.

Is it possible to rent clubs when in Europe, rather than take my own?

Yes, it is possible to rent clubs and Golf Planet - czechgolfguide.com will be happy to arrange club rentals for you beforehand, the cost will be run anywhere from about 20 EUR per round of golf. We strongly recommend however, clients take their own clubs along with them. You will be playing some rather tough courses, probably for the first time and you may never have the opportunity to play them again. You will never play as well as you do with your own clubs and we think you should take every advantage you can get!

There will be eight of us traveling together on a golf trip, what is the largest car rental we can get?

The largest vehicle will be a mini-van. Although the manufacturers claim these vehicles can transport up to 7 or with some, even 9 passengers, this makes no allowance for golf clubs and luggage. Including luggage and golf clubs, a mini-van can never accommodate more than 4 passengers total and even that can be a squeeze. We Americans have a tendency to travel with far too much luggage, a fact that unfortunately can become only too clear when you pick-up your mini-van. One golf bag and one normal sized suitcase should be all you need for a one or two week golf trip. If everything doesn’t fit into the suitcase, you are trying to take too much and you are guaranteed to have problems fitting everything into your car rental. For a group of eight, Golf Planet - czechgolfguide.com suggests you consider taking a small chauffeured motorcoach rather than car rentals.

Won’t a motorcoach and driver cost a lot more?

Not necessarily, in fact for a group of eight, the cost will be approximately the same as two minivan rentals when you factor in the cost of fuel and the added enjoyment you will get out of your trip. The cost of fuel in Czech is approximately 1 EUR. But there are many other reasons why a chauffeured motorcoach may be your group’s preference: You will have no concerns about losing your way…driving on the “wrong” side of the road…or missing a hard to get tee-time. All of our driver/guides are locals, well experienced in driving and true characters in their own right. Most are golfers themselves and also experts on the country’s history, folklore, traditions and sites of interest. We can assure you that each one of our driver/guides will add immeasurably to your Scottish or Irish experience. Your Golf Planet - czechgolfguide.com driver/guide will handle all of the details for you throughout the trip, hotel check-ins, golf club check-ins, help you find unique restaurants and a lot more. We normally recommend a 16 seater motorcoach for a group of 8, allowing the maximum of space for passengers and luggage Another point, not to be overlooked, drinking and driving laws are extremely tough throughout Europe. Our driver/guides will take you to the best pubs and get you home safely, so you need have no concerns. So why not get the most out of your trip, sit back relax and leave the driving (and a lot more) to us.

Is there a dress code for golf courses?

Yes, but the code is very similar to what you would expect at any private club. If you allow common sense to prevail, dress conservatively and remember the basic rules of, no jeans or sleeveless shirts, wear proper golf shoes and avoid wearing shorts, you will be just fine.

How early should I book my trip?

Just as early as you possibly can! 6 months or One year ahead of your planned travel dates is not too soon. Many of the courses are officially sold out of commercial tournaments that far ahead. But if you cannot book that soon, don’t give up! With our own offices located in Czech and very close contacts with the golf clubs and hotels, Golf Planet - czechgolfguide.com is quite adept at making magic happen. Even on very short notice of just a week or two, we can usually pull things together. There have been occasions where we have put fantastic golf trips together in just 24 hours! But that caused heart problems for several of our staff!

Other questions?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us personally, it will be our pleasure to provide you with honest, accurate answers. After all golf travel is our only business and one we know rather well. Everybody at Golf Planet - czechgolfguide.com firmly believes that an informed client will be a happy client. Contact us by e-mail or by phone,


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